Company history & Culture

Since it was established on Sept. 8, 1986, Beijing Tianrun Land Group (Tianrun Land) has grown into a large-sized real estate group company with substantial corporate assets and increasing brand recognition.

Tianrun Land, with the national first grade real estate development qualification, has more than ten subsidiaries at present. Concentrating on high-grade property segment, Tianrun Land has fostered a diversified operation structure integrating landmark commercial buildings, high-end residential housing, as well as entertainment and tourism property.

Tianrun Land will make arduous efforts to achieve its vision “to become an industry-leading urban property complex operator” by carrying out comprehensive strategic plan and focusing on team collaboration, setting the trend towards a quality urban lifestyle and making a great contribution to social development.

Beijing IFC
  • Landmark Architecture at the intersection of Chang’an Revenue and CBD;
  • Total floor area of 180,000 square meters (1.98 million square feet);
  • Spacious lobby of 18 meter high;
  • None-pillar designation of office area;
  • Acquiring the LEED – EB Platinum Certification;
  • The most influential commercial platform for the top global companies.

Beijing Tianrun Fortune Center
  • With a total building area of 75,150 square meters (809,000 square feet);
  • Prime location at the heart of National Capital City;
  • Palace-grade quality featuring exquisite craftsmanship and comfortable environment;
  • Equipped with multi-purpose commercial facilities to attract domestic and overseas business elites.

Beijing Century City
Beijing Century City
  • Located at the core area of Beijing CBD;
  • Designed by internationally renowned designer;
  • Featured multi-purpose comprehensive commercial complex;
  • A landmark commercial complex in Beijing.

Long Beach
  • High-end Residential community representative of Harmonious Lifestyle;
  • Honored with the Habitat Business Awards by the UN Settlements Program;
  • Covering grassland of 330 hectares and 100,000 square meters of private garden and the total floor area projected at 630,000 square meters (6.78 million square feet), located in core area of Wanjing district in Beijing;
  • Enjoying convenient transport network, close to Beijing fourth, fifth ring road, airport express and multiple intercity expressways and city railway.
Nanchang Huazhang Tiandi Plaza
Nanchang Huazhang Tiandi Plaza
Art Palace
  • A benchmark luxury residential housing project in the eastern part of Beijing;
  • An unduplicated quality residential housing project in Pinggu District for high net-worth individuals with a building area of 470,000 square meters (5.06 million square feet);
  • The project featuring a noble and elegant neoclassic style with a 3.3-meter-high floor height to provide a better residential housing experience;
  • A 5-meter-high underground garage and twin lobbies located on the underground and first floor to showcase the distinguished identity;
  • Rational function distribution to experience villa-style model and distinguished lifestyle;
  • Five-tiered landscape and larger-than-expected space intervals between buildings;
  • Museum, municipal demonstration elementary schools.

Nobility Art Village
  • Located to the south of ancient Zhou Zhuang Town, a National 5A Scenic Spot, Nobility Village sits opposite to this ancient town just across a lake;
  • With the distance between the villa and the town coved in 15 minutes on foot, the villa enjoys a highly efficient traffic;
  • Modern Representation of Traditional Chinese Style Residential Housing;
  • Showcasing Chinese culture and waterside architectural characteristics featuring the black, white, and gray color scheme, the calm and elegant residential housing is incorporated into the natural waters and lakes;
  • Integrating traditional Chinese architectural heritage with modern simple design concept.